The Institute for Social Accountability

The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA) was launched in Nairobi in 2008 to promote citizen empowerment and government accountability, at a moment of promise, when Kenya was charting a path to constitutional reform. Since the adoption of Kenya’s 2010 Constitution, TISA has sought to advance the Constitution’s central tenet: transforming the way power in Kenya is distributed and managed, chiefly through the devolution of government power from the national to the county (sub- national) level. The goal of social accountability is to empower citizens to demand sound delivery of services by holding their leaders to account through direct engagement. Thus, TISA’s mission is to help Kenyans find their voice and agency to claim their rights to services; make the Kenyan government accountable for its duties and promises; and ultimately, make the constitution a lived experience. Our programs fall into two main categories: Promoting Socio-Economic Inclusion and Deepening Fiscal Decentralisation.

In its early days, TISA pioneered the implementation of Social Audits in Kenya, a corruption fighting tool whereby citizens audit public projects to evaluate how well public monies are being used to meet the real needs of target beneficiaries. After the promulgation of the Constitution of 2010 which devolved power, we have focused our efforts on supporting the implementation of devolution process, through policy and legislative advocacy and the promotion of sustainable models of devolved governance.