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KTN News

Widening Tax Bracket: Okoa Uchumi urges the government to tax wealthy Kenyans

TISA and NTA engage stakeholders on the balance to revive and revitalize our economy and share the burden of taxation fairly and distribute it equitably.
The Star

Kenya losing Sh360bn to tax competition annually – report

Estimates by the KRA indicate that Kenya lost up to 5.15 per cent of its GDP in 2017 and 2.96 per cent in 2020 through generous tax incentives.
Standard Media

Report: Kenya’s tax incentives boon for the rich as poor suffer

There is a growing lack of transparency in the administration of tax incentives in Kenya evidenced by her failure to publish tax expenditure information.
Kenyan Wallstreet

Civil Society Wants KRA Given Access to CBK and NTSA Databases to Nab Wealth Tax

The Tax Monitor Report was produced by Tax Justice Network Africa and Oxfam in Kenya with contributions from authors at TI Kenya, Global Alliance for Tax Justice and the NTA
Business Daily

Will Ruto budget axe fall on the vulnerable?

The government is expected to cut its expenditure by Sh300 billion for the ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) in the current 2022/2023.
Kenyan Wallstreet

University Funding Headache as Civil Society Pushes for Human Capital Protection

President William Ruto’s government will be facing a headache next year about continued university funding while simultaneously implementing hard-hitting university reforms being pushed by the IMF.
The Star

Kenya asked to go slow on domestic debt

The total stock of domestic debt currently stands at Sh4.4 trillion, Sh3.6 trillion in bonds while the balance is in Treasury Bills
NTV Kenya

Business Redefined: A discussion on the state of the economy in the country

Okoa Uchumi Campaign CSO partners speak on the cost-of-living equation to wages and salaries; the rate of inflation that is driving the cost of living.
The Star

Kenya Kwanza’s economic recovery plan and its impact on livelihoods

It is no secret that for the past 10 years, Kenya has been sinking deeper and deeper into a debt abyss, leading to a public debt crisis.