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Finance Bill, 2023 – Domestic revenue mobilization.

We have an expenditure problem & a governance problem, & that is why we have such a huge debt.
The Standard

Civil society warns government against overtaxing Kenyans.

Imposing more taxes on already overburdened taxpayers is punitive, the civil society has warned.

Civil Societies Ask MPs To Reject Finance Bill 2023.

The debate on the Finance Bill 2023 remains a subject of controversy with a section of civil society organizations urging legislators to reject the proposal to introduce a housing levy.

Okoa Uchumi yatishia maandamano kutokana na hatua ya serikali kuongeza ushuru.

Wakenya tayari wamelemewa na mzigo mzito walionao wa maisha.
Okoa Uchumi

Okoa Uchumi push to reject proposed Finance Bill 2023.

“It is our responsibility to ask questions about how our money is being taxed,” Dr. Abraham Rugo – Country Manager – IBP Kenya.

Activists vow protests to push back against taxes.

“We shall occupy both the physical and digital streets on the 5th June,” Diana Gichengo-TISA Kenya.
KTN News

Okoa uchumi campaign: Civil societies oppose current tax proposal.

Okoa uchumi campaign: Civil societies oppose current tax proposal.
Citizen Digital

Petition Filed To Stop Vetting Of Noordin Haji For NIS Director Post.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji’s journey to succeed Philip Kameru as the country’s top spy now faces a double hurdle in a petition to the Public Service Commission.
Citizen Digital

DPP Haji Defends High-Profile Case Withdrawals, Says Allowed Under The Law.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has defended his withdrawal of high-profile cases in the past several months, which has caused backlash from some Kenyans.