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Citizen TV

Cost of Corruption.


War on Graft.

The Voice Ke

Kenya Struggling to Survive & Solutions Amidst High Costs & Debt Burden: Okoa Uchumi.

Uzalendo News

Governance Specialist, Diana Gichengo, Takes Jabs at President Ruto’s Economic Model

Citizen TV

Parliament has failed Kenyans on matters of debt management.

Citizen TV

Ruto’s government has taken a strategy of making Kenyans desperate and hopeless.

Citizen TV

We should recall the president and MPs for vowing to disregard court orders.


Finance Bill, 2023 – Domestic revenue mobilization.

We have an expenditure problem & a governance problem, & that is why we have such a huge debt.
The Standard

Civil society warns government against overtaxing Kenyans.

Imposing more taxes on already overburdened taxpayers is punitive, the civil society has warned.