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Protecting Devolution

Fiscal Decentralisation

Protection of Devolution is a sub-program under Fiscal Decentralisation where we aim to:

Enhance support

Enhance support for initiatives to develop stronger institutions, service delivery and increased citizen engagement in governance.

Provide Solutions

Provide evidence-based, analytical, and capacity building solutions to emerging challenges of devolution

Safeguard Devolution

Safeguard the philosophical components of devolution.

Devolution was introduced in Kenya’s constitution with the aim of ensuring that financial and administrative autonomy was transferred simultaneously to county governments. 

The objectives of devolution outlined in the constitution include:

  • Promoting the democratic and accountable exercise of power
  • Enhancing popular participation in the exercise of the powers of the state and in decision-making that affects citizens
  • Protecting and promoting the interests and rights of minorities and marginalized communities
  • Promoting social and economic development
  • Providing easily accessible services throughout Kenya.

In this regard, we consider Protection of Devolution as a sub-program under Fiscal Decentralization that aims to safeguard the philosophical ideas of devolution. We have created a platform from which women, marginalized communities and minorities will participate more effectively in decisions that affect their economic and political well-being.

Join TISA as we advocate for:

  • Accountability in policy formulation and processes at the National and County Government in relation to devolution.
  • Inclusion of minority groups and support the implementation of public participation initiatives of national processes at the county level.
  • Democratic and accountable exercise of power in relation to devolution processes.